Can you help Stanley the Sloth save the Clocktower from the evil Spinners?

This project is a collaboration of Team Infinite Shadow Marsh:  

Bryant McCracken Jr.

William Marsh

Natasha Purser

Anthony Smith

This is an entry in the Unity Course Community Game Jam.

All music, sound effects, characters, animations and graphics are copyrighted 2018 by the four persons listed above.  They may not be used for any commercial purpose.  Music, sound effects, characters , and animations are all original and created for this jam.  

The source code is available for use  under the CC BY 3.0 US license.  You may use it for any purpose, but please give credit to the authors.  You can find the source code on GitHub.

After playing, we would greatly appreciate a couple of minutes of your time to take a survey about the game:

Install instructions

Simply unzip and run the .exe file.


Stanley PC Build 38 MB

Development log


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you have a very obvious bug where when you die, the music doesnt end and it will start the same song while it was playing, making it play any number of it in an endless loop.

fix pls


Thanks for the bug report.  We will make sure to correct it.


Thanks again for the bug report.  It should be fixed now!